All students who enroll in a scuba diving certification course have to take a final written examination in order to pass their course. Whether you have enrolled in the Open Water Diver, the Divemaster course, or the Instructor Development course, you will at some point be required to pass a written examination.

The written examination is not the hardest exam to pass, but it is the part of any course that causes the most amount of anxiety. Don’t you wish that you could use practice exams as part of your study? Not just 1 practice exam, but multiple. Isn’t it time that you experience the written examination in it’s official format?

That time is here. was constructed by a group of instructors who wanted to make the process of passing your final exam easy.

Right now we offer over 20 practice final exams for the Open Water Diver final and the Divemaster final, as well as over 10 exams for the Standards and Dive Theory portions of you Instructor’s Exam. We wanted to provide this as a low cost solution for our users.