Divemaster Exam

With our Divemaster preparation program, we help you prepare for your Divemaster final exam. This is NOT a substitution for the e-Learning you find with PADI nor is it an attempt to provide you with the answers to the actual final exam. This preparatory course and the practice exams are an extra guide to help you with one thing – to PASS YOUR FINAL EXAM!

This is not a substitute for reading and doing your knowledge reviews. The exams you take here were carefully constructed to simulate the actual experience when taking your final exam. We build questions around topic areas that you would normally see on the final. On all of our exams, you will see 120 questions broken down into various sections: 60 questions on Divemaster standards, and role behavior (you may use your Instructor Manual in helping to answer these questions, 60 more questions broken down into 5 categories – Equipment, Physics, Physiology, Skills and Environment and RDP and Decompression Theory.

You need a score of 75% or better to pass these exams. That means you can miss a total of 30 questions for a passing grade. The good thing is that if you don’t pass the exams in this course, you are free to take the exams again as many times as you want. We store all your prior quiz attempts with a full review for each question you missed.

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